Open source comet server with simple API

A great way to create a unique chat Quick

  • In first line try to connect comet-server via MySQL protocol and with login/password for demo access.
  • In second line send CometQL query for sending chat message.
$link = mysqli_connect("", "15", "lPXBFPqNg3f661JcegBY0N0dPXqUBdHXqj2cHf04PZgLHxT6z55e20ozojvMRvB8", "CometQL_v1");
            mysqli_query (  $link, "INSERT INTO pipes_messages (name, event, message)VALUES('web_MainPageChat', '', '{ \"text\":\"My text\",\"name\":\"My name\"}' );" );
This command sends a query string to the comet server through console MySQL client.
echo "INSERT INTO pipes_messages (name, event, message)VALUES('web_MainPageChat', '', '{ \"text\":\"`cat /proc/loadavg`\",\"name\":\"AVG `uname -n`\"}' );" | mysql -h -u15 -plPXBFPqNg3f661JcegBY0N0dPXqUBdHXqj2cHf04PZgLHxT6z55e20ozojvMRvB8 -DCometQL_v1 --skip-ssl
In each language, which supports MySQL protocol client you can send query to the comet server via MySQL protocol.
INSERT INTO pipes_messages (name, event, message)VALUES("web_MainPageChat", "", '{ "text":"My text","name":"My name"}' );
Complete list of languages, which supports client for MySQL protocol you can see on wikipedia.

Try to send message

To verify you can log in at the same time from two different browsers on this page and send your message. If someone will be with you there, he would see your messages.

The comet server is provided in two editions
API for editions is compatible. You can switch between them at any time without changing your code.
Opensource version
Free full version with AGPL license
For those who want to keep everything on their servers
You can use it for free in any projects
Cloud SaaS service
Suitable for users of php shared hosting
Allows you not to administer and configure VPS yourself.
You can use it for free in any projects
Price for SaaS version
Forum support
Contuct us
Forum support
Skype support
Priority support
Phone support

How to connect to comet server

To connecting the comet server to your site you must register and:
  • Take free API key from developer
  • Paste in body pages cod of JS comet server client CometServerApi.js
For more details and if you want understand all process of working push notifications, we can recommend you to read the article "Description of push technology, abilities, scope of use push notifications".

How php interact with comet server?

To correct co-working of API and comet server can be used MySQL protocol. It sends CometQL queries to comet server via net. Try CometQL to connect to comet server from PHP or other programming language which supports MySQL.

Comet technology

Comet technology – allows sending arbitrary messages to client through server initiative – it’s a push notifications. You can use push technology to delivering messages. For the correct working of push notification always use a push service.
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