Error codes in CometQL

Error code Description Comment
1 Unspecified error Never should not occur if the received error code 1, refer to the support
2 This feature is not implemented, but planned.
3 Error in sql query
10 The table is read-only It occurs when trying to insert or delete
11 Too large amount of data You have exceeded the limit on the length of the data, such as an attempt to convey the channel name longer than 64 characters
12 Invalid data format For example occurs when you try to transfer as the name of the channel line content not allowed characters
13 In the where section is not given a list of strings that must be selected At this point in the sample requests must always be passed a list of values from the first column of the table.
14 Error in the enumeration list of columns in the table
15 The object does not exist
16 Not passed authentication Occurs when an incorrect username and password pair


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