<rst>EN::002-API::003-Reserved channel names</rst> <rst>Header: Reserved channel names</rst> ===== Reserved channel names ===== It is not recommended to use in their projects type channel names: * "bin_*" * "big_*" * "push_*" * "comet_*" * "sys_*" * "self_*" * "trust_*" * "video_*" * "audio_*" * "private_*" These names may be used to further extend functionality. And they will have what may be not the usual properties compared with other names of channels. ===== Channels with special properties ===== There are also channels with special properties, all of them are below. * msg - for the delivery of personal messages in accordance with the authorization data * user_status_* - for automatic notification about the status of JS api users * web_* - Channels in which you can send messages from both CometQL and from JS api * track_* - for automatic notification JS api about what someone has subscribed or unsubscribed from this channel


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