Reserved channel names

It is not recommended to use in their projects type channel names:

  • “bin_*”
  • “big_*”
  • “push_*”
  • “comet_*”
  • “sys_*”
  • “self_*”
  • “trust_*”
  • “video_*”
  • “audio_*”
  • “private_*”

These names may be used to further extend functionality. And they will have what may be not the usual properties compared with other names of channels.

Channels with special properties

There are also channels with special properties, all of them are below.

  • msg - for the delivery of personal messages in accordance with the authorization data
  • user_status_* - for automatic notification about the status of JS api users
  • web_* - Channels in which you can send messages from both CometQL and from JS api
  • track_* - for automatic notification JS api about what someone has subscribed or unsubscribed from this channel


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