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 +===== Subscription to update the list of users online ===== 
 +<code JavaScript>​
 +CometServer().subscription("​track_online.subscription",​ function(msg)
 +    // Processing of the event that someone went to the site and subscribed to the channel track_online
 +CometServer().subscription("​track_online.unsubscription",​ function(msg)
 +    // Handling an event that someone left the site and / or unsubscribed from the track_online channel
 + Open this page from different browsers and you will see incoming messages from CppComent about other users who opened or closed this page in other devices.
 +<iframe height='​600'​ scrolling='​no'​ title='​CppComet auth chat example'​ src='//​codepen.io/​Levhav/​embed/​zLJarm/?​height=265&​theme-id=0&​default-tab=js,​result&​embed-version=2'​ frameborder='​no'​ allowtransparency='​true'​ allowfullscreen='​true'​ style='​width:​ 100%;'>​See the Pen <a href='​https://​codepen.io/​Levhav/​pen/​zLJarm/'>​CppComet auth chat example</​a>​ by Trapenok Victor (<a href='​https://​codepen.io/​Levhav'>​@Levhav</​a>​) on <a href='​https://​codepen.io'>​CodePen</​a>​.