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===== Subscription to update the list of users online ===== <code JavaScript> CometServer().subscription("track_online.subscription", function(msg) { // Processing of the event that someone went to the site and subscribed to the channel track_online }); CometServer().subscription("track_online.unsubscription", function(msg) { // Handling an event that someone left the site and / or unsubscribed from the track_online channel }); </code> Open this page from different browsers and you will see incoming messages from CppComent about other users who opened or closed this page in other devices. Example: <html> <iframe height='600' scrolling='no' title='CppComet auth chat example' src='//,result&embed-version=2' frameborder='no' allowtransparency='true' allowfullscreen='true' style='width: 100%;'>See the Pen <a href=''>CppComet auth chat example</a> by Trapenok Victor (<a href=''>@Levhav</a>) on <a href=''>CodePen</a>. </iframe> </html>


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