Star.Comet - Documentation


Administering comet servers

  • Install - Instructions for assembling and installing comets on your server
  • Checking the hosting - Checking the hosting for possible connect to the comet server
  • load testing - Example of load testing for comet server with tsung
  • load testing results - Report about testing of 64,000 connections online

Plans for the development of the project

About what improvements are planned, and which ones are already being implemented you can look at this page. If there are any suggestions, questions, requests or requests for adding new features, you can create issue or write to tech support after registration.

If you have a question that may be of interest to other users, it's better to ask about the problem on github (creating issue)

List of ready-made solutions using Star.Comet

If you have already create some app or plugin for CMS using this comet-server and you’re planning to sell this app or give free access, please, contact us via to share your information about this app and adding this app into a special part of this site. Maybe it will attract more extra users.

Other languages

This page is in Russian language